5 Tips giúp bạn trở thành Gitt administer tại drupal.org

5 Tips giúp bạn trở thành Gitt administer tại drupal.org

Previously we read how to be a webmaster at drupal.org , Now I became the git administer at drupal.org. So I think to write a blog post so that others can benefit and also get to know how to become git administer.

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In simple words: "Start Contributing". Git Administer privileges are granted to the users with proven record of contributions in the Project Applications issue queue. A solid history of consistent contributions on drupal.org is a must to get consideration for an elevated role.

How to start contributing & where you can contribute :

  1. Join the code review group
  2. Read How to review full project applications
  3. Some helpful tools for reviewing :
  4. Learning Sources :
    • See the project applications that have Security issues
    • See the Reviews done by previous git administers mpdonadio,er.pushpinderrana, heddn or myself.
    • Read the drupal apis thoroughly.
  5. if you found any problem while contributing,just comment on the below post/ if you need immediate answer you can try and find one of the git administer on IRC - #drupal-codereview IRC channel on Freenode.

Benifits of becoming git administer :

  1. You will see a new challenging case in every new project application.
  2. Your drupal apis knowledge will become sharp.
  3. Many more....

I would encourage you to learn more about that process and join the group of reviewers.

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