Không phải là người thiết kế WEB nếu

So, this is a web developer. As you can see, he has his own duties, well defined.

Now, unlike a web developer, a web designer have to to be experienced in graphic design tools, such as Photoshop. Of course, most of them know the html language , so they can apply the design in their projects. A web designer must to have a developed artistic feeling and the ability to make combinations of colors, images and other elements that can project the image that the client wants. Choosing colors in the design of a website is a delicate process which if it’ s performed successfully, attract more visitors and those visitors can turn into customers.

So, the web design usually involves the site design and the content creation, while the web development means create and test functionality. Is very important to exists a good communication between the client and the web designer. In this way , the web designer can put in the site all customer ideas. But there must be too, an interactive communication between the client and the web developer. This will ensure the integration of functionality desired by the client. To ensure that the site combines all customer criteria, the web designer and the web developer must work together.

As a conclusion: Only big companies can afford to hire separate experts in graphic design, content creation, programming and testing, when it comes to build a web application. In most cases , web designer and web developer may be the same person, in the best cases, can be two different persons that work together to achieve a successful web application.

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