Giới thiệu Drupal distributions: Open Public phát triển bằng Drupal

Open Public

Public Open is a government-oriented and political sites distribution. Its purpose is that sites are secure, scalable and transparent. Many government sites are built on Drupal because of its robustness and scalability, from the White House or the Senate of the State of New York to other international sites.

Public Open is a Drupal distribution and Drupal EM offering consulting, implementation and support services.

Public Open is based on the experience of all these sites, completed with the necessary applications and is a modular platform that allows customization of the services.

Public Open is built on Drupal 7.

What can be done with the Open Public?

Public Open is basically an information center for the activities of a government institution or public entity. It contains several ready-made applications: breaking news, blogs, documents, pictures, FAQs, videos, etc.


  • Simple interface, clean and visually attractive. You can choose between two pre-installed themes, new items are available and you can create your own. It can be customized easily.
  • Easy access and navigation complies with accessibility standards of the U.S. government.
  • "Dashboard" (backend) is intuitive and easy. Allows users to manage and edit content, images and graphics, more easily than in Drupal simple.
  • "Media room": Allows users to easily upload a news flash or any information you want to share with your community. It is a central repository of public information: press releases, videos, images and other content.
  • Directory: The members of the organization have their profile and published data. These profiles are organized in directories.
  • Customization: You can disable features not wanted or install new features.
  • Security: All documents are protected by user-defined keys, which must meet the latest safety standards. It adds a "captcha" to each page that requires data entry.
  • Usability: All applications can be operated with a single mouse click.
  • Social networks: integration with Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Public Open is an initiative driven by the community, based on the network of partners worldwide. Contributors are involved in the project in three ways; contributing components and themes, offering opinions and asking for assistance in the implementation of particular cases.

Among the initiatives proposed by community members which include improvements in the administrative interface and functionality of display maps of offices, projects and people scattered in various locations.