Hướng dẫn output từ remote drush commands, Drupal 7

Have you noticed how the output from your remote drush commands wraps at awkward lengths? This is especially annoying with features commands:

Well, here's a quick fix! Throw this snippet into your drush alias. It adds a "shell-alias" that executes the features-listcommand with the --ttySSH option.

$aliases['my-alias'] = array(
  'shell-aliases' => array(
    'fl' => 'ssh --tty drush fl',


NOTE: If you get the error "The drush command 'fl' could not be found," then Drush doesn't know which sites directory to use. To fix, you have two options:

  1. Add the "--uri" option to the shell alias. E.g., 'ssh --tty drush --uri=www.example.com fl'
  2. Specify the "l" option in drushrc.php. E.g.,