Những ứng dụng giải trí từ android

Những ứng dụng giải trí từ android


1. ikamobile Movie Finder


Going to see a movie? With ikamobile Movie Finder, you can quickly find showtimes at theatres in your location. Browse movies, watch trailers, and check out the latest releases. It’s faster and more fun than the newspaper or calling around, and it’s free.

2. Funny Jokes


Browse the funniest jokes. You can add your jokes, share them with others, and send them via email or text message. Thousands of jokes in 12 categories We added photo profiles, flagging and deleting of messages, and a nicer user interface!

3. NBA Game Time

70 Best Free Google Android Apps(P2)

NBA Game Time is the first, official live basketball app from the NBA for Android. Quickly and accurately follow the 2009 NBA Playoff action every night. You’ll see all games for any day – arranged by start times – including detailed scoring, a playoff bracket and stats. No frills. Just scores, schedules and stats


1. Mobile Banking


Check available balances, pay bills and transfer funds all on-the-go! Locate ATM and banking centers with GPS. No address input required. Download now, for one-touch access to your finances, whenever, wherever you are.

2. aCurrency


aCurrency is a currency converter for 160+ currencies with daily exchange rates updates. Show 5 currencies at the same time. Enter the value with built-in virtual keypad without opening the keyboard. All currencies are provided with currency code, country name and flag.

3. Mortgage Calculator


Are you in market for a home (or refi) or a busy realtor? Make use of this handy app that helps in your mortgage calculations! Features include a touch screen keypad and an amortization schedule that shows you how your payment is split towards principal. Works with auto loans also!

4. Tip Calculator by iStockManager


A simple yet stylish Tip Calculator designed to be easy to use. A big virtual keyboard does not require rotating the phone. The perfect companion every time you need to calculate a tip or divide a meal between your friends.

5. Finance


Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes in this stock quote and portfolio application. It synchronizes with your Google Finance portfolios, allows quick access to charts and lets you view the latest market and company news. US exchanges only in this release.

6. Real Estate Droid


Real Estate Droid is your comprehensive home-buying assistant. Search homes for sale and save your favorites. When you visit, take notes and pictures. Look up information about the neighborhood with live location updates. Finally, figure out the numbers with mortgage quotes from real lenders and a loan calculator.

7. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator


Calculate your mortgage payments and visualize results with easy to understand graphs and charts. Calculates payments given principal, interest and term. Also reverse calculates for any one variable given the other three. Pay off early with bi-weekly or extra payments. Supports interest-only and Canadian amortization.

8. SA Tip Calculator


For those that take their tipping seriously, SA Tip Calculator is a great alternative to pen and paper.


1. DailyHoroscope


The DailyHoroscope is a horoscope application which is updated on a daily basis. It is fun and easy to use – tap on a sign and get this day’s horoscope to your screen in any of 6 colors available for your choice. Tap on the sign again and get short compatibility chart.

2. Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer


Beautiful stopwatch with countdown timer and lap timer. The stopwatch can continue to run in background and you can save times to compare later.

3. Wertago


Wertago is the premier mobile application for nightlifers—get up-to-the-second information about what venues are hot, share content and influence the social scene, coordinate plans with all your friends, and connect with socialites all across the city. Nightlife will never be the same!

4. Calorie Counter


Calorie Counter is your food and nutrition guide. Scan any barcode using the camera in your phone or browse the enormous database to find calorie and nutrition information for all foods and restaurants. Keep track of what you eat.

5. BooRah Restaurant Search


BooRah offers comprehensive ratings and summaries for local restaurants. Search for restaurants in over 10,000 cities across US. The unique “Boo” and “Rah” rating system analyzes nearly 2,500,000 reviews from various review sources to tell you what’s good and bad about a restaurant.

6. Everyday Quotes


eQuotes lets you get everyday piece of wisdom from famous people of all times. It is a good means to rethink your everyday life.

7. 10001 Cocktails


10001 Cocktails puts the bartender in your pocket! Browse and search our most popular recipes on your phone by drink type or search thousands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes on the shot-cocktail-recipe.com web site! Add fresh drink ideas and drink reviews and save your favorite drinks to your personal list.

8. My Days


Simple & easy. Track and predict your period, ovulation, fertility and BMT. – Monthly Calender – Multi User & Language (en,de,it,se) – Add Infos, Pill, Sex.. – eMail History to your Doc – Backup function – BMT Chart – 4 Widgets – indiv. Colors

9. Period and Ovulation Tracker


Period and Ovulation Tracker is a simple, easy to use program that allows women to enter their period each month and predict likely start of next period, likely date of ovulation, and likely fertile window (time period of unprotected sex most likely to lead to pregnancy). Predicted dates become more accurate as more dates are entered. Application name on Android desktop appears discreetly as “P & O Tracker”.

10. Digital Clock


Digital Clock from Social & Mobile. Big dispaly clock and dim screen turn your phone into a bedside clock. You can change color, brightness and font of screen with an easy UI and set music as an alarm to wake you up feeling good. Change your alarm clock to this one.

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