14 Drupal Themes miễn phí tốt nhất

14 Drupal Themes miễn phí tốt nhất

Free Drupal themes are in high demand, because of the versatility and growing popularity of DrupalCMS.  While Drupal can be used for blogging platforms in a similar manner to WordPress, Drupal’s core is also suited to eCommerce, social media and other applications, thanks to the large extensibility of the features.

We’ve hand-picked the 100 best free Drupal themes that you can use and download for free.  Whether you’re looking for free Drupal eCommerce themes, free Drupal blog themes, free Drupal social themes or any other kind, you’ll find the best of the top free Drupal themes here.

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Magazeen Free Drupal Theme

Compositio Free Drupal Theme

Gardening Free Drupal Theme

Arclight Free Drupal Theme

Twittish Free Drupal Theme

Orange Free Drupal Theme

Notechoas Free Drupal Theme

Beach Free Drupal Theme

Summertime Free Drupal Theme

Fervens Free Drupal Theme

Agregado Free Drupal Theme

Acquia Marina Free Drupal Theme

Marinelli 3x Free Drupal Theme

Pixture Reloaded Free Drupal Theme

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