Checklist các module cần thiết cho Drupal Website, custom module cho Drupal

Checklist các module cần thiết cho Drupal Website, custom module cho Drupal


When launching a Drupal website there are areas that should be configured, reviewed and tested. This article will list some items that will usually need to be checked when launching a Drupal website. This basic list does not cover advanced or uncommon items. Although this list is geared toward Drupal websites, a lot of these items will also pertain to other types of websites.


  • Review Drupal’s status page for any errors or warnings that may need to be addressed (admin/reports/status)
  • Ensure you have the latest stable release of Drupal and contributed modules installed
  • Review the Recent Log Messages for any items that may need to be addressed (admin/reports/dblog)




  • Test website on all applicable browsers and devices
  • Validate HTML
  • Validate CSS
  • Check Accessibility
  • Test website forms (contact, etc.) submissions and verify that email notices are received properly
  • Test Drupal User Roles by logging as user/role to verify account permissions and access is working properly



  • Remove all test content and test users accounts
  • Disable/remove any development modules
  • Disable any development settings in your theme(s)
  • Turn off error reporting (admin/config/development/logging)
  • Remove files from root Drupal install directory (not required but considered best practice)
    • CHANGELOG.txt
    • install.php
    • INSTALL.txt
    • INSTALL.mysql.txt
    • INSTALL.pgsql.txt
    • INSTALL.sqlite.txt
    • LICENSE.txt
    • README.txt
    • sites/all/modules/README.txt
    • sites/all/themes/README.txt
    • UPGRADE.txt




  • Configure and test Backup Migrate scheduling
  • Turn on Content Revisions for Content Types that editors may be changing
  • Configure and test any 3rd-party / server-side backup system(s)
  • Make full backup of website at launch for off-site/client storage



  • Create/provide user manual, documentation and account information as necessary
  • Provide assets and deliverables as necessary
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