HTC Salsa: A Review

HTC Salsa: A Review

The name salsa sounds fun, warm an inviting, and yes, it is true of the HTC Salsa. The first thing that caught my eye was the build quality. The screen is amazing with a good overall contrast and brightness levels that are not too sharp. The one important feature for me was the facebook button that stood out from al the others. You also get a volume rocker and a micro USB port on the side of the phone. It also has a very easy to operate camera button with a two stage shutter release.

 HTC Salsa: A Review

This much smaller budget device is very grown up in every sense of the word. It has a very elegant style that operates in lightning speed. With facebook as its main selling point, the HTC Salsa is largely being marketed as the you gadget as opposes to a phone for the older more serious phone users. If you love facebook and you spend hours going through friends profiles then this is the right gadget for you.

The phones mostly come in grey and black but you can also find one in purple. In my opinion, the purple one is the most elegant of them all. With an alluminium body, with some sections in black, the end result is a very stylish phone. The phone is much smaller and fits perfectly into your hands making it easier to operate. This phone is definitely recommended for those who love style and elegance.


I did not like the fact that this phone came with a below par screen sunlight legibility in the sense that you cannot really see much if you are trying to read something in the sun. Its camera is definitely not the best I have ever seen but not by any means the worst. I also thought it was very inconveniencing to have the microSD slot under the battery as this made it not very swappable.

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