Giới thiệu Conference Organizing Distribution phát triển bằng Drupal

COD - Conference Organizing Distribution

COD is a Drupal distribution to create sites for the organization of conventions and events. COD is an acronym from Conference Organizing Distribution.

COD is based on Drupal and Drupal EM offering consulting, implementation and support services.

We define convention (or time) as an event where there will be several activities: lectures, workshops, etc. on a central subject and variations thereof. Activities take place at different times but often overlap, so the participant must choose between them.

What can you do with COD?

  • Create a complete site for events and conventions which can then be configured to our liking.
  • Participants register online, sell tickets for events and workshops (or register for free), and can sell online material for the lectures. The whole process is simple for participants and organizers who can manage the lists of attendees and payments.
  • Enable attendees to submit proposals for conferences or meetings complete with syllabus and curriculum of the speaker.
  • Polling facilities are available for proposed events and conferences.
  • Site management can easily choose a session or scheduled event.
  • Participants can pre-create networks with other participants identifying each other as friends and /or fans.
  • Share ideas and plan the times in the forum.
  • Display a robust and flexible calendar of events. Each participant can build their own calendar.
  • The sponsors can enter their information and logos directly to the site. The organizers can approve and publish the sponsors with a single click. The logos will be displayed in the footer and side columns with links to their pages (configurable).
  • The look of the site can be changed using custom made themes.
  • Each component is independent of the above disabling features that are not needed.

Who can use COD?

The choice of the set of features makes COD focused on the organization of a single convention. If the purpose is different the software is adaptable. For example:

  • For a single conference or event COD is too big.
  • For free games, without previous programming, COD can be used taking advantage of the record of attendees and sponsors, pre-construction and social networking. A calendar is not very useful in this scenario.
  • For organizations that handle various conventions and want to share databases of participants, roles and events, COD can be used in conjunction with Organic Groups.


  • The conventions are organized by Drupal users online using this software. For example the Drupal Camp London.
  • A sample calendar is available to view.