www.Simplytest.me nhanh, dễ để test Drupal modules

www.Simplytest.me nhanh, dễ để test Drupal modules

A time consuming task for all software users is testing.

It takes time to find all the download links, to set up a test environment and to install all the additional software you need.

Simplytest.me is an ingenious solution for Drupal. Simplytest.me will install Drupal sites for you, as well as modules and themes that you want to use. Here's a brief introduction to this very useful site.

Using SimplyTest.me to test Drupal

In order to test Drupal with simplytest.net, simply go to simplytest.me, type Drupal into the project field, select Drupal core, then select the version you'd like to install, and click Launch Sandbox. And that's it. Once it's completed the process you can just click Log in and you're ready to go with your Drupal installation.

Now alternatively you can use the permanent URL format, which is simplytest.me/project/projectname. So if you were doing Drupal you could just type Drupal. If you wanted to specify the version you could type something like /7.20 . And you'll see it's preloaded that version in the drop down.

You could also do something like Drupal 8.x , and that will install the current version of Drupal 8. Once you have that selected you can just click Launch Sandbox and it'll install the version that you've specified in the permanent URL.

Let's go ahead and take a look at Drupal 8 as it is right now. All right, and now we've got our copy of Drupal 8 installed and ready to be tested.

You can also install modules using simplytest.me. This is done exactly the same way that you install Drupal core. But instead of typing "Drupal" in the project field, you type the name of the module you want to install.

For example, here's how you would install Views. Go to simplytest.me, type "views" in the project field. Select "views" from the drop down. Select the version you'd like to install. And the permanent URL for this would be simplytest.me/project/views. Then you can go ahead and just click Launch Sandbox.

One really great feature of simplytest.me is that it automatically attempts to resolve dependencies. For example, Views requires C tools. And without it, we wouldn't even be able to enable Views.

Let's take a look at the modules page and see what happened when we selected Views. So here in the modules page, we're going to scroll down and you can see that Chaos Tools is installed and enabled, as well as Views. The way this works is that simplytest.me checks the module's .info file for dependencies, and then installs those automatically.

So if we take a look at the views info file, you can see that it has a dependency of C tools. Now it even goes one step further though. You may have noticed on the modules page that Panels is also installed. We didn't ask it to install Panels, and it's not a dependency of Views, so why is it installed?

If you take a look at the Chaos Tools sub-module, Chaos Tools plug-in example, you'll see that it requires Panels. So simplytest.me will look through the info files of the modules you're testing, and all of its sub-modules, as well as all dependencies and those sub modules, and then any other dependencies, et cetera. So the end result is that you'll always have absolutely every module and dependency that you'll need to fully utilize the module you want to test.

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