LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless Phone Review

LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless Phone Review

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LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless Phone Review

If it is time to upgrade somebody’s personal choice of LG Cosmos, then nothing can be as better as LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless phone. LG Cosmos was launched back in March, 2010 but LG Cosmos 2 is the only Verizon phone without any need for a data plan. If one is in simplistic need for a handset with features like music player, voice calls and texting; then the best alternative is LG Cosmos 2. It weighs 4.6 ounces with 4.4*2.1*0.6 inches dimensions. It looks more or less indistinguishable to the original Cosmos when it is kept closed. It is made of a solid matte plastic to prevent scratching of the surface.

LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless Phone Review

LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless phone has tiny 2’’ display screen with sharp resolution of 240*320 pixels and extraordinary vivacious colors for a low-priced phone. Rather than conventional QWERTY keypad, it attributes four flat rows of equally spaced rubber keys. Its numeric keypad is situated in the front making it easy to dial a number. However, it has no Wi-Fi or 3G but this phone is not made for blistering internet access. There is enough attention given to the sound clarity while talking on the phone. Also, there is negligible perceptible distortion in loudspeaker mode. However, it may take some time before registering voice command via Bluetooth but still one can rely on fine voice dialing.

LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless phone has five-way control board with instant UI reaction. With Myriad 6.2 web browser, it becomes difficult to access internet as it takes some time and many button presses to load a page. Therefore, this phone is not a cinch if one requires phone for easy web browsing as this is only a 2G phone. As a positive measure, Verizon has improved its e-mail application which allows it to attach pictures with advanced search capacity for work contacts and mail. There is document viewing application which enables it for MS-Office attachments. Other genuine applications include shopping cart, search and recommendations.

LG has updated its headphone to standard jack size of 3.5mm with other music player application and micro-SD memory card slot beneath the battery cover. It has 51MB internal memory with up to 32GB expendable memory. LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless phone can be utilized to upload or download music and photos as it works as a USB storage device too. There is a simple 1.3 megapixel with no auto-focus or flash. User can adjust charging screen, brightness level, show themes, menu light, backlight time and font size on the home screen. Moreover, it has in-built Java apps such as backup assistant, Mobile E-mail, City ID, V Cast Tones, Uno, Daily Scoop and Bing.

If user is more absorbed in traveling and talking, then Cosmos 2 can help them effectively. It has battery life of 34 days and 2 hours on standby mode and 6 hours and 10 minutes on talk time mode. LG Cosmos 2 Verizon Wireless phone is available in reasonable price of $249 with best facilities for messaging and calling. Without any need for a data plan, Cosmos 2 can prove economical in long-term approach.

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