Giới thiệu Drupal distribution: Open Church

Open Church

Open Church is a Drupal distribution oriented to churches. It is a flexible platform with common features to all churches to help develop their websites.

Open Church is based on Drupal and Drupal EM offering consulting, implementation and support services.

The used template, called Fusion, easily changes the size, colors and layout of graphical elements.


The site is concentrated around ministries (various activities of the church), for example Ministry of Youth, Ministry of the Third Age, etc. Each ministry has its own content.

The content includes

  • Text articles
  • Blogs
  • Events calendar
  • Photo Galleries
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts (audio) originally intended to upload sermons but can be used for any type of audio. Can be uploaded directly to iTunes.
  • Page outlining members of staff
  • The home page includes a slideshow of the content which is a widely used resource in contemporary sites.

To learn more about Open Church a demonstration is available.