Chia sẻ quyển sách Drupal 8: 8 Amazing Drupal Launches của pantheon


1. Design and build for viral social growth We wanted our business to grow organically—not via PR. Our group card feature is designed specifi-cally to generate that kind of viral social growth. We’ll be rolling out more viral features shortly.

2. Give non-tech people equal rights to updates Our Head of Product is not a developer at all. With Pantheon, he’s working through the environment like he is. Pantheon is very clear, well-built, and user-friendly.

3. Focus on the business—let Pantheon sweat the small stuffNow that the Ciplex team is done building the site, it’s great to have a solution with people who pro-actively check in, rather than us having to create tickets. For example, we got stuck with an SSL certificate we’d bought, and Pantheon pretty much took care of everything. This freed us to focus on the business rather than on little stuff. Pantheon’s Head of Support gave me his direct phone number. That never happens, ever. The trust from my perspective is 100% there. I know Pantheon will be there to support us.

60% of Drupal websites don’t launch on-time. Here’s how to not be one of them

About this ebook:

More often than not, Drupal website launches go awry. And it’s no wonder: inadequate tools, inconsistent workflows, scope creep, last-minute requests and sheer technical complexity all combine in different ways to delay 60% of all Drupal website launches (and complicate many others). This guide explores eight different case studies where Pantheon was able to control this chaos and ensure smooth, secure, scalable Drupal launches.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Pantheon’s superior out-of-the-box functionality is better than the alternatives (and makes your life easier)
  • How Pantheon’s air-tight migrations ensure one mistake doesn’t torpedo your entire web presence or business
  • How Pantheon lifts the burden of expensive maintenance and allows you to focus on what matters