Tuyệt vời với Drupal 8 Through Adoption - Drupal 8

Tuyệt vời với Drupal 8 Through Adoption - Drupal 8

Since making the decision to use Drupal 8 for all new projects Chapter Three has become even more active in the issue queues. We actively invest in Drupal 8 every day, funding Alex to work on it full time, as well as ensuring every employee and contractor has time to contribute.

>> Sự tiện lợi của Drupal 8 adoption led by Adam Balsam

Over the last several months...

We spearheaded porting Doubleclick, Video Filter, and Entityqueue modules to Drupal 8

We've worked on improving some of our debugging tools:

We've created some new modules for Drupal 8 inspired by our Drupal 8 projects

We've contributed to other people's Drupal 8 modules

The decision to build everything on Drupal 8 has brought more of our developers than ever into the issue queue.

A lot of our recent community work has focused on getting contrib modules stable by submitting patches and ports, but it comes as no surprise that Daniel and Alex have continued to be super active in Drupal core issues:

Some highlights:

Creating robust Open Source software is a community effort. Automated testing is great, but the people contributing the most code aren't always the ones actively building Drupal sites. It is up to the community of site builders to provide good bug reports (and patches) when issues are found.

Standardizing on Drupal 8 and funding employee contribution time has allowed Chapter Three to be very active in Drupal 8. The fringe benefits is that this has allowed us to level up our own Drupal 8 expertise company-wide.

Want to see how our Drupal 8 expertise can help your project?

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Tommy owner Express Magazine

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