Headless Drupal - Inline edit : Ví dụ một dạng Angular forms

Headless Drupal - Inline edit : Ví dụ một dạng Angular forms

In our last example we showed how to create node using an angular form served from Drupal itself. This time we are taking one big step further and create the node from a completely decoupled web app.
And if that's not enough for the readers excited by the idea of a decoupled Drupal, we've also added inline editing to the example!

>> Angular forms, một dạng khác của Form API trong Drupal 7

Enjoy the live demo

Headless Drupal - Inline edit : Ví dụ một dạng Angular forms

If you know Form API's pains, you should be excited now

Note that the authentication and access isn't done by cookies, but rather provided by an access token thanks to RESTful token auth module. This means the app maybe served from any domain - making Drupal a truly RESTful server. Also, since Entity validator module is enabled, we get the validation errors for both POST, and PATCH http requests.

I believe the implications of this example are pretty big, when you think about how can the UX be greatly improved, while keeping Drupal as the content repository. Go ahead, jump into the RESTful project and start using it today.

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