DrupalCon năm 2015 diễn ra tại Latin America

Yes – it’s true! After extensive research, we have selected the location of DrupalCon Latin American 2015…drumroll please…

Bogota, Colombia

DrupalCon năm 2015 diễn ra tại Latin America This process has been a great example of community collaboration. In January of this year, Holly Ross, our Executive Director met with members of the Latin American community at Drupal Picchu in Lima, Peru. At that time the community decided that the two most likely places for this Con were São Paulo, Brazil or Bogota, Colombia.

It was clear to us that both communities would offer a lot of support, so to ensure we were positioned to make a solid choice, we had each community gather a lot of information for us. Information on costs, on venues, on hotels, on travel considerations - everything needed to pull off a successful DrupalCon.

Based on the evaluation of this information, we then made a recommendation, and opened it up to discussion in our blog post last week. The feedback from this post was overwhelming…we almost broke the website with the flood of traffic we got in response!  We read through all your comments, to make sure we were considering all angles in this decision – and after careful consideration - we stand by our recommendation, and have selected Bogota for the February, 2015 Latin America DrupalCon.

Bogota has no visa requirements, which will allow us to easily bring key speakers from the US not to mention Drupal Association staff, to the event and it is affordable for the majority of Latin American countries to travel to, making it a true “all of Latin America” Con.

Now we need your help! We will be working closely with the Bogota team and need strong Drupal Community volunteers from all over Latin America. Please contact Lauren Shey, our Community Outreach Coordinator if you’d like to volunteer. She will be working closely with the Bogota team, and can help get you plugged in.

We are thrilled to be bringing DrupalCon to Latin America, and hope you are too! As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing you in Bogota in February of next year. A special shout out to Nick and all the folks from the Brazilian Drupal Association. Although we did not select São Paulo, we are really appreciative of all their support of Drupal, and look forward to their hearty participation in the Latin American Con in Bogota. We will continue to update you on progress with blog posts throughout the year.

Flickr photo: Michelazzo