Hướng dẫn mua vé dự DrupalCon Los Angeles tháng 5 năm 2015

Hướng dẫn mua vé dự DrupalCon Los Angeles tháng 5 năm 2015

For those of us who have been breathlessly waiting, it’s finally here: registration for DrupalCon Los Angeles is open at last!

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Coming up in May, DrupalCon Los Angeles promises to be a fantastic time — so make sure you register today to get the earlybird rate.

Buy your Tickets

  • DrupalCon Ticket - $450 (early-bird until March 27)
  • Business Summit - $199
  • New! Higher-Ed Summit - $199
  • Community Summit - $0 (registration is required)
  • Student Ticket - $225
  • One-Day Pass - $150
  • Our lineup of Drupal Training will be available in late March.


New Registration Features

When you purchase your tickets, you may notice that the process for registering is a little different than before. That’s because our incredible team has put in many long hours improving every step of registration.

If you’re purchasing multiple tickets for the same person, such as your main DrupalCon Ticket and a ticket for a Training, there’s no need to submit the same information over and over again. You now have the option to use our new drop-down menus to populate information you’ve already entered from one ticket to another. You can even autofill with information from your user profile — and this information will auto-populate through future DrupalCons, if you choose.

Additionally, if you’re registering tickets for multiple people, you no longer have to fill all their registration details for them, instead you can email each ticket recipient with a link so that he or she can fill out his or her own information on the DrupalCon website at a time that’s best for them!

Lastly, if you’re earmarking tickets for a group, and don’t yet know who will be attending, the DrupalCon website will automatically generate reservation codes for blank tickets, so that organizations can pay for all their attendees’ tickets in one go. Once you know who will be attending you can simply hand them a reservation code to redeem!

We also have new functionality on the website to make tracking order information easier than ever. All order information, including invoices and order numbers, can be found in your account. Users who have purchased multiple tickets or reservation codes for others can now see the status of those tickets. This lets users purchasing tickets for a team see whether the tickets have been completed by their recipients, without allowing them to see the private registration data those users have entered. We’re all about user privacy!

There’s one final note about the new site’s functionality: if you are not logged in when you begin the registration process, you’ll briefly be redirected to a login on drupal.org. Don’t worry — your browser will bring you right back to the Los Angeles website.

Since the flow of registration is new on this website, we want your feedback! If you have questions, problems, or concerns, please reach out and let us know what you think. We’re always looking for ways to improve the DrupalCon experience, and we feel that this new registration functionality is a big step towards making DrupalCon better than ever.

See you in Los Angeles!

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