Complete Review of Latest YouTube Version for Android Phones

Complete Review of Latest YouTube Version for Android Phones

If you own an Android mobile phone, you can get YouTube, the most popular video site in the world. Most Android phones will come complete with this app but incase it does not, you can always simply download it fro the Android Market. Using this app is much faster and easier than using your browser to navigate through YouTube. If you can not find the video you are looking for in your home screen then you can always use this app to search through YouTube for cool videos.

Complete Review of Latest YouTube Version for Android Phones

It allows you to browse videos by categories including those that have been viewed many times, those that are rated as top ten, or the worst videos. Using this app, you will be able to filter your search using time. I particularly liked the fact that this app also supports Google voice Actions so in case you do not feel like typing, you can always simply tap the voice icon and say whatever it is you are looking for.

Android users who absolutely love YouTube will find the in video functions that come with this app quite useful. It is easy for you to flag a video, save it to your playlist or give it thumbs up or thumbs down depending on whether or not you liked it. The app also allows you to share these videos through other social networks installed in your Android like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook or Skype.

One feature I loved about this app is that it allows you to upload your videos to YouTube. You just need to tap the camera button on your phone, record a video and download it straight to your YouTube account. This app is fast, has an excellent video quality.


The only thing I did not like with this app were the numerous loading errors I experienced.

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