Sách lập trình The Core iOS Developer's Cookbook 5th Edition

Sách lập trình The Core iOS Developer's Cookbook 5th Edition

The best place to start iOS application development 

The Core iOS Developer’s Cookbook provides ready-to-use code solutions for common iOS challenges, providing recipes that help you master the core technology at the heart of iOS. Renowned iOS programming expert Erica Sadun and top iOS developer Rich Wardwell cover the topics you need to create successful mobile applications that take full advantage of iOS graphics, touches, and views.

As in all of Sadun’s iOS bestsellers, The Core iOS Developer’s Cookbook translates modern best practices into working code, distilling key concepts into concise recipes you can easily understand and apply to your own projects. This isn’t just cut-and-paste; using examples, Sadun and Wardwell fully explain both the “how” and “why” that underscore effective and successful iOS development.

Coverage includes 

  • Creating direct touch-based interfaces with multi-touch, gestures, and custom gesture recognizers
  • Building and customizing controls in powerful ways
  • Adding novel motion effects
  • Alerting users via pop-ups, progress bars, local notifications, popovers, audio cues, and more
  • Using Xcode modules to easily integrate system frameworks and headers
  • Assembling views and animation, organizing view hierarchies, and understanding how views work together
  • Supporting multiple screen geometries with the breakthrough Auto Layout constraints system
  • Controlling keyboards, making onscreen elements “text aware,” and efficiently scanning and formatting text
  • Organizing user workspaces with view controllers
  • Managing photos, videos, email, and text messages
  • Leveraging enhanced iOS support for social media activities, including Flickr and Vimeo
  • Implementing VoiceOver accessibility, including text-to-speech
  • Getting started with Core Data-managed data stores
  • Leveraging powerful networking and web services support
  • Using APIs to enhance the user experience

Download: The Core iOS Developer's Cookbook 5th Edition

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