Pantech Pursuit II Phone Review, an Affordable Messaging Phone

Pantech Pursuit II Phone Review, an Affordable Messaging Phone

Pantech Pursuit II has been recognized as a wonderful development of the Pantech Pursuit which was launched last year. However, most of the specifications are same but still tech-savvies can figure out various add-in features in this newly launched smart phone. It runs on more advanced Brew Mobile Platform. This phone has spacious slide-out keyboard which makes it an eye-catching messaging phone. Other flexible features include a 2.0 megapixel camera, social networking applications, 3G, HTML browser and GPS. Its upright slider design with 2.8 inch front touch screen makes its looks very simple and sophisticated. Pursuit II has rounded and smooth shell with curved and wavy back corners with refined 3.98*2.4*0.59 inch dimensions.

Pantech Pursuit II Phone Review, an Affordable Messaging Phone

Pantech Pursuit II possesses a 240*320 pixel QVGA resolution which is similar to Pantech Pursuit. Simple display characteristics work well-enough for a plain messaging phone like this. There are seven distinct font styles for menu theme with adjustable lock screen and home screen. Moreover, it has modifiable backlight timer and brightness level which can be considered as quite user-friendly characteristics. There are two changeable dissimilar home screens with in-volatile third home screen. Out of two changeable home screens, one is kept to maintain the preferred contact details while other is for application favorites and shortcuts. However, third home screen with time and date format is not changeable. One can simply add the shortcuts in the home screens by tapping the Add button and selecting the preferred shortcuts. There is no limitation to the display size, so one can add many shortcuts as per the user requirement.

Pantech Pursuit II has instinctive navigation which makes it user-friendly to tap the keys or scroll up and down through the navigation panel. Home screen has a bottom row with additional shortcuts such as main menu, contact list, phone dialer and messaging inbox. There is grid pattern in menu interface with three pages of functions and applications. One can make a call and send text messages without using physical keyboard. Implicit dialer is provided with large numerals and rapid access to recent calls catalog as well as contact list.

People can type text by either using T9 prediction or nine-key ABC and works fast if one is typing single handedly. Preferably, one should use slide-out keyboard instead of other two alternatives. There are three round keys for End/Power, Send and Back functions beneath the display. Proximity sensor turns off the display when phone is kept closer to the face. There are camera key and screen lock key on the right spine whereas left spine is composed of volume rocker. Camera lens is located on the rear side of the phone.

Pantech Pursuit II has micro-SD card with expendable storage memory of 32GB. For audio; it supports AAC, MP3, e-AAC and WMA formats and for video; it supports MPEG4, MP4, AAC, AAC+, 3GP, e-AAC+ and WMV formats. Other than regular social networking apps, it also has AT&T SocialNet application as a hub for other social networking apps with adaptable news feeds. Other applications take account of ATT Family Map, MobiTV, Bejeweled, AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T Advisor, Pac-Man Challenge and YPMobile. This phone is available within reasonable user limits and can be purchased from any nearby showroom. At the bottom line, Pantech Pursuit II is a simple and beautiful messaging phone within user’s affordability.

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