Buổi hội thảo Managing Multiple Drupal Sites diễn ra tại Zurich tháng 6.2019


Michael Schmid is an Informatician extraordinaire. He joined Amazee in its early days after working at Siemens and in the Swiss Air Force as first lieutenant. He's the battle-proven professional to have at your side when technology must work fast and secure.


Managing multiple Drupal sites with Lagoon by amazee.io


With other hosting solutions, teams must weigh the trade-offs between centralized code and future upkeep when considering a Drupal Multisite strategy.

Lagoon offers development teams a better alternative by supporting the unified codebase of Drupal Multisite with containers so that individual sites can be managed and maintained independently of one another.


In this webinar, amazee.io CTO, Michael Schmid (@Schnitzel) will walk us through the setup and workflow forward-thinking organizations rely on to efficiently run their multitude of business-critical websites.

Join us for a demonstration and discussion of modern Drupal Multisite management, and leave with a proven strategy for managing hundreds or thousands of Drupal sites more effectively.


Jun 12, 2019 4:00 PM in Zurich