Phần 2: Quản lý các Drupal sites với AEgir rất tiện lợi

Phần 2: Quản lý các Drupal sites với AEgir rất tiện lợi

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Phần 2: Quản lý các Drupal sites với AEgir rất tiện lợi

Now that weʼve got our AEgir instance setup and running, you may be asking yourself, “what now?” AEgir can be somewhat perplexing if youʼre unfamiliar with the multisite file structure so weʼll start by discussing some of the terminology.

Sites are exactly what they sound like. These are the individual Drupal instances hosted on your AEgir install. Each site has its own database and is treated as a completely separate Drupal instance although they share the same codebase within the platform theyʼre installed on.

Platforms are the different Drupal profiles available to you when creating sites. Multiple sites can share a platform. It is important to remember that when updating a platform, youʼre updating every site that uses it.

Phần 2: Quản lý các Drupal sites với AEgir rất tiện lợi


  1. Upload your entire core into the /var/aegir/platforms/platorm_name folder.
  2. From your AEgir dashboard add a new platform and make sure you set the publish path to the /var/aegir/platforms/platorm_name folder.
  3. Add a new site using the newly created platform. Weʼll call it
  4. Move all site files from sites/default/files to sites/
  5. Use drush or backup_migrate to import the websites database.
  6. Use the AEgir migrate task to change the path of the site from to and then back. (This will help correctly reset all file paths in the database)
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