Phần mở đầu: Quản lý các Drupal sites với AEgir

Phần mở đầu: Quản lý các Drupal sites với AEgir

AEgir has been a hot topic among Drupalers these days. In case you’re not familiar with what AEgir is, it’s basically a Drush GUI that allows users to manage multiple Drupal instances under one unified interface. While this doesn’t sound like much on the surface, the ability to upgrade multiple Drupal sites, migrate and clone sites, manage backups, and create new Drupal sites all at the click of a button is pretty powerful stuff.


Important: I’d like to preface this by noting that AEgir requires its own custom server configuration, if you’re a first time user you might want to try this on a sandbox server first so you don’t destroy anything important.

AEgir also doesn’t play nice with other hosting management systems like Plesk and cPanel so it would be wise not to install this on your new MediaTemple (dv) server. You’ll probably want to start on a fresh Linux server, Debian (Squeeze) is recommended but not required. You can do this with Virtual Box, or if you’re really serious, Slicehost accounts start at $20/mo. You can screw those up as much or as many times as you want and just click a button to start over.

INSTALLATION has been kind enough to provide us with a nice little bash script called Barracuda that, for if you’re not super server savvy like myself, will cut-down on the headaches, and do all of the server setup for you.

Start by logging into your server(via SSH) and installing GIT:

$ ssh

$ apt-get update

$ apt-get install git-core

Clone the Barracuda repository:

$ git clone

There are a few things you will want to change inside the Barracuda script before running it so start by copying the script from the repo and editing it:

$ cp nginx-for-drupal/ ./

$ nano

Find these variables and change them, then save the script:

  • _MY_EMAIL – Admin email address for AEgir(ex:
  • _MY_OWNIP – Server IP address
  • _MY_HOSTN – Primary domain(ex:
  • _MY_FRONT – AEgir url(ex:

Now run the Barracuda script using bash:

$ bash

At this point, the Barracuda script should be able to walk you through the rest of the install. There are a few things to make note of when using Barracuda;

  • It uses Nginx web server, NOT Apache.
  • It uses MariaDB, a drop-in replacement for MySQL, not MySQL.

These, among a few other things, were added by for performance reasons and shouldn’t really affect how you work.

After the install is complete you should be able to login to your new AEgir instance at using the password specified during the install process. Once logged in you’ll be able to start creating and managing Drupal instances.

Phần mở đầu: Quản lý các Drupal sites với AEgir

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