Brief Review for Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Brief Review for Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Nowadays, technology has become a way to represent somebody’s status. Telecommunication represents one of the technologies which has transformed its appearance from a basic need to a style statement. Samsung Galaxy S 4G exhibits the similar properties which a user can expect from Android smart phone. Today, users look for faster uploading and downloading speeds which can easily be attained in Samsung Galaxy S 4G. One can browse and upload at the speed of 4G without any kind of network interruptions. This Smartphone directly belongs to belongs to business class as they need continuous contact with the clients. Moreover, there are never-ending and instantaneous entertainment alternatives which will never let people feel bored.

Brief Review for Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Apart from business class, students as well as professionals can also download their desired TV shows and movies from Samsung Media Hub without any sort of time lag. There is in-built flash player which will never cause any problems related to websites and video games. If one loves to have large storage capacity with longer battery backup, then one should go for Samsung Galaxy S 4G right away. There is a permanent expandable memory till 32GB with longer battery backup which will give people a lot of space and time to get pleasure from media, games and internet.

Most of the people stay away from their friends and family with an only mode of communication called video chat. However, technology has gone very far but still video chat takes a lot of time due to buffering procedure. Samsung Galaxy S 4G can provide its unbroken services anywhere with a QIK equipped front camera. QIK is well-admired Skype video chat application for Android based appliances. 4G network nullifies all the insignificances due to buffering and makes this smart phone ideal for video chat. If one is obsessed with the habit of clicking pictures and shooting videos, then its 5.0 Megapixel rear camera can help to click sharp photos with high resolution HD video shootouts.

This smart phone is equipped with environment-friendly technology called virtual guide manual which provides a substitute for printed paper guide. Virtual guides also provide support videos, simulations and commercials which can be enhance somebody’s objectives to go green. Moreover, this phone comes with 1.0 GHz processor which readily accounts for easy multitasking. Galaxy S 4G comes with pre-loaded movie “Inception” which is voluntarily available in the micro-SD for instant screening. There is super AMOLED display with large 4’’ screen to get a superior vision of gaming, movies and videos. Android 2.2 Froyo OS renovates this gadget in a mobile with Wi-Fi calling facility and more than 70,000 applications.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G comes with a carrier of T-Mobile and is built on HSUPA 5.76Mbps/HSDPA 21Mbps platform. In its charcoal gray color with up to 6.5 hours talk time/400 hours standby time battery backup. With its reasonable size, weight and price of 4.82*2.54*0.39, 4.16 oz and $499.99(without contract) respectively; this smart phone can be made available to all the pocket sizes. It goes best with other tools such as Adapter micro USB to 2.5mm DC jack, 3.5mm hands-free stereo headset, 2.5mm Bluetooth travel charger and WEP450 black Bluetooth headset kit. This smart phone can be the best purchase if one is looking for above mentioned features, applications and class.

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